Even though the first impression one gets is that of the Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci, Mirko Sevic differs from him considerably yet has a personal style that with his great genius is reminiscent of the famous Italian predecessor.

A disciplined and calm artist, Mirko Sevic portrays precise anatomical aura and an accurate figure in a state of metamorphosis and transubstantiation. The Man portrayed by the artist is undergoing transformation even in substance, he is resurrecting.

Precision and accuracy in forms are deeply intertwined with - and expressive of - Mirko?s spiritual emotions that reveal to us the destiny of Man-kind. Let us take a closer look at the artist?s works. Their pronounced volume and materialism are just apparent in realism and prone to deception. From the aesthetical point of view Mirko?s images are surrealistic, showing respect for their subject and emphasizing the importance of plastic structure in the performance.

Marko Miljanovic

Art Historian

Drawing is the main form of the artistic expression of Mirko Sevic. There is nothing strange about that considering that a line and a pencil sketch have no limits in their usage.

At the centre of Mirko?s interest, above all I would say, is the evil, the obscure part of a human nature or society (collective evil), as well as the final destructive result the evil has on a human being.

Mirko presents dramatic evidence and depicts all the above in effective drawing of deformed and naked female figures. The evil within us, pathological in its essence, universal in meaning, is expressed in drawings of frighteningly crippled individuals and malformed foetuses. The evil in action, the one provoking severe human suffering, utter despair, and the final cry of the dying, is visible in the same precise and detailed portrayal of crumpled and disfigured medley of bodies.

Firm and expressive in his technique, the artist succeeds by almost shocking us, in confronting us with the intensity of his authentic and sincere statement.

Ivona Rajacic Barandovski

Art Historian SULUJ Custodian